Past Chapter Presidents

76November 2023 Nathan M. Shaver
75November 2022November 2023Joe M. Schroeder
74November 2021November 2022Kevin M. Cummins
73November 2020November 2021Josh R. Walkenhorst
72November 2019November 2020Brenden J. Bratsch
71November 2018November 2019Griffin Elliott
70November 2017November 2018Colton K. Gholson
69January 2017January 2017Joshua M. Nixon
68January 2017November 2017Michael J. Taylor
67October 2016January 2017Michael J. Taylor
66November 2015October 2016Joshua M. Nixon
65November 2014November 2015Nick Bartley
64December 2013November 2014Heath Dreyer
63November 2012December 2013Joshua R. Howard
62December 2011November 2012Frank B. Maloy
61April 2011December 2011Tim W. Lukasiewicz
60May 2010April 2011Drew J. Hall
59January 2010May 2010Thomas C. Beritschaft
58June 2009December 2009Paul E. Voss
57February 2009June 2009Robert Babik
56August 2008February 2009Daniel Quinn
55November 2007August 2008Jason Giers
54April 2007November 2007Raymond A. Beezley
53November 2006April 2007Mitchell S. Diebold
52November 2005November 2006Steven M. Kormann
51January 2005November 2005Ryan A. Elam
50June 2004January 2005Curt M. Costello
49January 2004June 2004Christopher M. Ottley
48June 2003January 2004Michael C. Roche
47April 2003June 2003Joshua D. Gross
46June 2002April 2003Drew N. Kuntemeier
45December 2001June 2002Jason C. Graeser
44May 2001December 2001Robert P. Starrett
43December 2000May 2001Robert E. Mooshegian II
42April 2000December 2000Robert D. Leerssen
41January 2000December 2000Gregory M. Schulte
40May 1999April 2000Matthew J. Kossmann
39January 1999May 1999Jason M. Mueller
38January 1998May 1999Mr. Ryan J. Pruett
37October 1997January 1998Dr. Paul R. Scott Jr, Ph.D.
36May 1997October 1997Andrew J. Potthast
35March 1997May 1997Kerry P. Knott
34June 1996March 1997Jason M. Wengler
33December 1995June 1996Laurence T. Lapinski
32June 1995December 1995Tad A. Dinkins IV
31March 1995June 1995Sean J. Peters
30August 1994March 1995James P. Campbell
29January 1994August 1994Jeffrey A. Huettenmeyer
28January 1993December 1993James H. Steinkoetter
27November 1992April 1993Kenneth M. Martinez
26August 1992January 1993Richard J. Huntebrinker
25January 1985December 1985Michael J. Himmelberg
23January 1982December 1982Robert L. Heligman
24January 1982December 1982Gerry R. Schnitzler
22January 1979December 1979John F. Eash
21January 1978December 1978Dean I. Lindstrom
20January 1977December 1977Paul J. Fellin
19December 1975May 1976Paul J. Telthorst
17January 1972December 1972Jon A. Kremer
18January 1972December 1972Dave R. Puettmann
16January 1969December 1969Larry R. Reagan
15January 1965December 1965James A. Peck
14January 1962December 1963Louis E. Schwarze
12January 1960December 1960Edwin H. Wedig
13January 1960December 1960James B. Marble
11January 1952December 1952Thomas L. Koederitz
1  Alfred C. Posner
2  Steve J. Muir
3  John R. Feemster
4  John H. Henry
5  Mr. James C. Williams
6  Bob E. Hilton
7  Paul J. Telthorst
8  Jason R. Forshee
9  Rob L. Telker
10 May 1981Rob L. Telker

The Beta-Eta Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon at Missouri University of Science and Technology was installed as a chapter on March 8, 1947.

Since 1899, Tau Kappa Epsilon has never had an exclusionary clause for membership. TKE does not judge men on their wealth, rank or honor, but instead on their personal worth and character.

Our mission is to "to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life." In essence, we build Better Men for a Better World.